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Project 2 - COMPLETED!

COMPLETED! eMiters showed some love to families in need this Valentine's Day! eMite teamed up with Homeless at Heart to package and deliver simple messages of hope and love, in the form of Love Boxes, to the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia.

Project 3 - COMPLETED!

COMPLETED! eMiters made school possible for 200 children in Managua, Nicaragua. Project 3 was a success with the door to education opening up to children in need!  Thank you to all the eMiters who joined in on this outreach.

Project 4 - HAFH

Do you hear what we hear? This July eMite is teaming up with Parsons Ministries to provide solar powered hearing aids to children in Guaimaca, Honduras. Give Your Mite to bring the sound of love, joy, and hope to children in Honduras!

Project 4 - Hearing Aids for Honduras

LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT! Join us in this awesome project to give the gift of hearing! Give your Mite via the announcement bar at the top of this page.