Project 4- Hearing Aids for Honduras Update: 7/20/17

Another great audiology experience story!

"I was asked to see a 72 year old women in Guaimaca, Honduras with a long history of no hearing.  After examining her, I determined that she could benefit from one of our solar rechargeable hearing aids.  After placing the aid in her ear, then turning it on, the response was immediate and exhilarating.  Her eyes popped open and the smile was awesome!  She then gasped something in Spanish that included “Jesus.”  She then spun around and grabbed me for a humongous and prolonged hug.  I asked the translator to interpret her excited comment.  It was a local phrase meaning “This marvelous gift was placed in my hands by Jesus.”

After completing the medical portion of our visit, I focused on sharing the Gospel.  She told me she had accepted Jesus into her heart two months before when she was seen by another medical team.  After this, she reported that she laid in bed each night praying to God because she was losing her vision and couldn’t see and she could not hear.  After giving her a Bible with instructions how to begin reading it, I took her to our Lion’s Club eye team.  She was evaluated and immediately fitted for a pair of glasses that restored her vision.  Her prayers had been answered.  

With a twinkle in her eye, she then asked how old I was.  When I said “71” it was apparent we were friends for life!

She will never forget our team and we will never forget her!"

-eMite Team

Project 4- Hearing Aids for Honduras Update: 7/13/17

Smile the size of Texas!!

Below is a past story sent to Parsons Ministries from a missionary about a Honduran girl that was touched by hearing aids. 

"I am writing you a fun story from Honduras.  We don’t have an audiologist this trip so I am the “hearing specialist!” (Dr. David Parsons is a Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon).  Yesterday, in the very tiny rural village we were in, Dr. Tom yelled across the clinic room,  “Hey Dave, I’ve got a congenitally deaf young woman who can’t hear a thing.  I don’t think she can be helped but do you want to see her?”  


Since the noise in the clinic was massive, I took her, her family and the translator out into the forest.  There I placed the solar rechargeable aid and turned it to “1.” The response was an immediate Texas sized smile.  Then I tried settings 2, 3, 4 and 5.  I optimized the settings for her.  Smiles don’t get anymore huge!  

And then we shared the gospel with her and her family and gave her her 1st Bible! 

Audiologists have a wonderful job!   Maybe I need to go back to audiology school!"

6 weeks later...

"I saw her in follow-up, the 27 year old congenitally deaf lady with no language that I wrote you about 6 weeks ago.  She was smiling as big as Alaska.  Her sister said she is trying to say words and can call all the family members by name!  Thrilling."

-eMite Team