Project 3 - Celebration video

Watch the project completion video here!

Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing Update: 5/11/17

Sweet tooth anyone?! 

Supplies are being bought and eMite is getting excited! 

eMite will be traveling to Managua, Nicaragua in just a few days to capture the excitement once the book bags are passed out. 

Thank you to everyone who has given their Mite!

-eMite Team

Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing Update: 5/4/17

Book bags have arrived!!!

eMite received the book bags earlier this week and now have shipped them to Managua, Nicaragua where they will be filled with blessing in the next week.  

Thank you Madden Branded Goods and BIC Graphic for making some outstanding bags!

A special thank you to all the eMiter's who have given their Mite to Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing! We are so thankful. 

Let's go!! This is going to be awesome. 

-eMite Team

Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing Update: 4/27/17

Supplies list!!

We spoke with our contacts in Managua, Nicaragua and together compiled a list of supplies that children need in order to attend school. 

We are so excited to pass out the Book Bags of Blessing filled with goodies and necessities in just a few weeks. We want everyone to join in on Project 3; so they can experience this happiness as well!

Give Your Mite!

-eMite Team

Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing Update: 4/25/17

Guess what?!

We decided to imprint eMites logo onto all 200 book bags! 

Madden Branded Goods contacted one of their top partner suppliers, BIC Graphic to help with Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing

BIC will be printing eMites logo onto each book bag in their state of the art printing facility.  

We are so pleased with the visual below and cannot wait to see the finished product in just a short time.

Thank you BIC Graphic and Madden Branded Goods for helping us out with this!

-eMite Team

CPO 11933_v1_MADDEN_preview.jpg

Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing Update: 4/6/17

In our search to find a source for some quality book bags for Project 3 we have partnered with an awesome company called Madden Branded Goods. They gave a choice of back pack styles to choose from and even discussed putting our logo on the bags.

True Awesomeness!

We are so excited to be lining up quality durable bags for the children in Nicaragua. You have got to become a part of this project! Also, let Madden know that you appreciate their support of eMite and helping people! 

Below is a sample of the backpack as well as measurements and details. 

-eMite Team