Project 19 Insight 10/15/19:

Impact Africa's Baby Rescue Center reaches out to hopeless women in impoverished communities through four different avenues: Crisis Pregnancy Counseling, Pregnancy & Parenting Help, Registered Place of Safety, and Baby Rescue Safe & Baby Home. "It is the goal of the center to rescue abandoned babies while also reaching out to pregnant women and new mothers. Our heart is to come alongside them as they journey through this season by providing counselling, prenatal, postnatal, and parenting education and training." Impact Africa


Project 19 Insight 10/8/19:

“It’s estimated that each day in Johannesburg, 3 to 4 babies are abandoned and left for dead. For the majority of residents in the squatter camps, this is a time of transition away from family, friends, and nation of origin. Therefore, this leaves young women vulnerable, isolated, and alone. With no one to look to for help and guidance, they are unequipped and unprepared to make decisions about their future, and are hopeless about the future of the child they are responsible to raise. Impact Africa is committed to being an advocate that will intervene on behalf of these desperate young mothers and their precious babies through rescuing and preventing babies from being abandoned, and ensuring a brighter future for these children through life-long family care.” Impact Africa

We are so excited to be partnering with Impact Africa on Project 19- Baby Rescue. Join us today and help the most vulnerable in our world. #GiveYourMite