Project 11- hEARING THE GIFT IN HONDURAS: 8/9/18

Project 11: Day 4

eMite traveled an hour and a half away to continue to bring medical services and clothing to a rural village. We have reached our goal of 20 hearing aids for Honduras!! We have continued to give out hearing aids thanks to one of our generous partner ministries who brought 30 more hearing aids to add to our 20- together we have given out a total of 30 hearing aids. Thank you eMiters! #GiveYourMite

-eMite Team

Project 11- hEARING THE GIFT IN HONDURAS: 8/8/18

Project 11: Day 3

On day 3 our team traveled to a near by village in Guaimaca and continued to bring medical services to everyone that came to us. Day 3 was a big day eMiters! We gave out 14 hearing aids!! We cannot wait to share all our neat stories about the amazing impact you are making in Honduras. #GiveYourMite

-eMite Team

Project 11- hEARING THE GIFT IN HONDURAS: 8/7/18

Project 11: Day 2

Dr. Molly Koester (audiologist) tested and fitted 7 local Honduran people ranging in ages from 7-86 years old. In the afternoon our team joined a water ministry and helped hundreds of families receive fresh water for the week. We’re going strong here in Honduras! Thank you for your constant support! #GiveYourMite

-eMite Team

Project 11- hEARING THE GIFT IN HONDURAS: 8/5/18

Project 11: Day 1

eMite Team traveled to Talanga with 25 medical professionals to set up an accessible triage center for the surrounding villages. In total 280 men, women, and children were seen. Thank you eMiters! More updates are coming.

-eMite Team

Project 11- hEARING THE GIFT IN HONDURAS: 8/2/18

The day is coming close! Our eMite team will be heading to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on August 3-10. The hearing aids have been brought to Tegucigalpa by an audiologist from the United States. To learn more about the hearing aids and the project click the link here.

-eMite Team