Project 2 - Celebration Video

View the project completion video here and celebrate with us!

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 2/16/17

Joyful Valentine's!

Mites were put to work this past weekend to bring love and joy to the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia. 

We sent our eMite team down to Atlanta to pass out all of the boxes with Homeless at Heart, and they came back with full hearts and big smiles on their faces. 

Thank you to everyone who Gave Their Mite to Project 2- Love Boxes!! 

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 2/9/17

Almost all the Valentine's boxes have been packed and are complete for the homeless shelter. We have boxes for women, boys, and girls that will be delivered to the City of Refuge shelter on Sunday. We will also be delivering the boxes and cards to the homeless on the streets of Atlanta. 

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and compassion! We're so excited to see lives touched. 

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 2/2/17

One more week!!

Homeless at Heart is working very hard in Atlanta, Georgia as we approach Valentine's Day. They are getting the boxes ready to deliver love and joy to the homeless. 

Along with the Love Boxes there will also be a handwritten card in each box. Below is a photo of a Valentine's card we received today. There is also a photo of a homeless woman that received a box last year!

500 people will receive Love Boxes and cards this year because of eMiter's! 

We are so excited to hand out these boxes in just one week. 

Join in with us and tell any of your friends and family that would like to Give Their Mite and show love this Valentine's.

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 1/26/17

123 boxes packed!!!

We have accumulated all the materials that will be going into the boxes that will be distributed on the streets and under bridges in Atlanta. 

We also have completed 123 boxes that will be given to the women's and children's shelter. 

All of the Love Boxes will be distributed in just 2 weeks and we're so excited!

Give Your Mite and show love this Valentine's. 

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 1/19/17

Gum & card games!!

We have almost finished gathering materials for the awesome Love Boxes. This week we received gum and card games for the kiddos to enjoy.

The only materials we are missing are some plush stuffed animals for the children at the shelter. 

We also started making boxes this week and have accumulated 40 boxes so far.

Four weeks to go until Valentine's Day! Thank you to everyone who gave their Mite!!

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 1/12/17

We are accumulating a substantial amount of supplies and materials we need to pack the Love Boxes!

We have received a shipment of warm caps for the winter for men and fragranced hand sanitizer for the women.

-eMite Team

Project 2- Love Boxes Update: 1/5/17

Supplies supplies supplies!!

Supplies are coming in and we need more Mites to complete this project. Let anyone you think would enjoy showing love this Valentine's Day about Project 2- Love Boxes.

Let's complete this project and make 500 boxes!

-eMite Team