Project 1 - Celebration Video

View the project 1 completion video and celebrate with the kids and their new classroom!

Project 1 Update: 11/20/16

Project 1 is complete!!! Thank you to everyone who gave their Mite and made this possible. 

-eMite Team


Project 1 Update: 11/10/16

Check out this paint job- it’s on point!!

How awesome will it be for kids to got to school in a classroom that looks like a sports car! 

Next Monday, all you eMiter’s who joined in this project, will receive our final celebration video. We are so excited! Be looking for it.

Thank you for all you do!

- eMite Team


Project 1 Update: 11/3/16

Our classroom has insulation!!

Insulation has been installed on the walls and roof of the container so the kiddos will stay warm during the winter and chill during the summer. The interior walls are also complete and we are close to completion of the classroom.

We are excited to show you the finished classroom and the adorable children that your Mite has touched. Look for an awesome update in the near future!

We are SO excited to see the completed project!

- eMite Team


Project 1 Update:  10/27/16

We got the powaa!!! 

Every good school room must have electricity and this week the utilities will run to the site. The outside of the classroom is now primed and ready for the finishing paint, and the interior work is beginning and should be completed soon. Expect big things in the upcoming dates! And remember we only have a few more days to raise funds for this project! If you have any friends or family who would like to change kids lives let them know. Let's do this!

- eMite Team


Project 1 Update: 10/20/16

Your Mites opening up the doors AND windows of opportunity!

Check it out guys! Our new classroom is taking shape. That container you saw last week now has doors, windows, and the conversion crew is working on getting the interior of the classroom ready. Project 1 is moving fast to the finish line. There's still opportunity to help so if you know anyone who wants to get involved please share this. In no time at all we'll have a classroom fill of kiddos and we cant wait to show you how awesome giving your Mite can be. Thank you for being a part. 

- eMite Team 


Project 1 Update: 10/13/16

We have a container! 

eMiters, our mites have come together to purchase an 8,000 lb. shipping container as a big, metal blessing for some awesome kids. We're currently working on turning this standard container into an exceptional classroom to help change the lives of children in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

We will soon be able to show you updates we're making to change this hulk of metal into a place where children can learn, grow, and, ultimately, better their lives forever. 

If you know someone who loves helping others and would enjoy being a part of this venture, let them know what is happening on Project 1 by sharing this! 


Project 1 Update: 10/7/16

The preparation of the land is complete! The grounds have been cleared and are ready to receive the new container. We are a little less than a month away. Let's finish this project! More info on Project 1 here.