Project 16 Update 7/25/19:

Our team is hard at work creating the Project 16 Celebration Video! Be on the look out in around two weeks for the awesome release. It will also include a personal interview from one of eMite’s volunteers during the trip.

Thank you to everyone who is involved! We are excited to show you how your donation impacted lives.

- eMite Team

Project 16 in field Update 7/19/19:

During our teams infield visit to the Dominican Republic we distributed over 370 shoes, washed more than 740 feet, visited Madeleas orphanage, played a game of baseball with a local boys team, and so much more.

Madeleas orphanage was founded over 20 years ago by Maria Elena who dedicated her time to caring for children who’s parents worked during the day. She realized it was either the children spending the day on the street or inside the care of her home. Today Madeleas orphanage houses 38 young girls from ages 2-16. The girls are loved, cared, and educated daily.

eMite visited a batey in the province of San Cristóbal and San Jose de los Llanos to distribute more than 370 shoes! That’s something worth celebrating. Every child who received shoes had their feet washed by a team member first. This special time is a way of connecting with the child prior to providing the new shoes. In our eyes it’s so much more than shoes. It’s the love shown and hope given.

We want to thank our wonderful partner Samaritan’s Feet for organizing this trip, and providing us insight into great work they are doing all over the world.

A BIG thank you to those who have supported this project! We are forever grateful. #GiveYourMite #zeroshoelesschildren #millionshoes


Project 16 Update 7/11/19:

In just two days eMite will be in field! We’re so excited to partner with Samaritan’s Feet International and count down to a world with zero shoeless children.

The shoes we will be distributing in the Dominican Republic are built-in with an active anti-microbial agent that helps treat and prevent further infections while it’s worn.

You can learn more about the World Shoe here.

We will be posting in field updates upon arriving to Santo Domingo. Stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Project 16! #GiveYourMite


Project 16 insight 7/9/19:

Using the example that Jesus set when washing the disciples feet; Samaritan’s Feet connects with each individual by spending time to cleanse their feet before providing shoes.

This action also teaches hygiene habits preventing germs and parasites from potentially entering the body.

“It was the first time someone has washed my feet apart from my mother when I was a child. The experience was really good & it feels good to have a new pair of shoes, which feel really nice on my feet. They have done right by people in this area. To provide a foot wash & new shoes is beyond anything I could have expected from them. Thanks everyone for everything today.” - Shoe Recipient #GiveYourMite

* Photo credit Samaritan’s Feet


Project 16 Update 7/4/19:

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Our team is getting excited because in a little more than one week we will be in the Dominican Republic distributing shoes to awesome kiddos.

The flights have been booked and we are ready to go. We will be releasing daily in field updates with photos, videos, and how many children have been reached.

Our current schedule will send us to San Cristóbal, San Pedro de Macoris, and Santo Domingo. We will be visiting orphanages, churches, and villages in remote areas.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and become part of our giving community! You make this possible. #GiveYourMite

- eMite Team


Project 16 Insight 7/2/19:

Manny Ohonme grew up in Nigeria and received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine. Years later after traveling to the United States his vision and passion to provide shoes for children all over the world sparked. In 2003, Samaritan’s Feet was established and has provided more than 6.5 million pairs of shoes to individuals in need across 88 countries.

Our partner organization for Project 16 provides hope and encouragement to children around the world through shoes. Join us today! #GiveYourMite #zeroshoelesschildren

*Photo credit Samaritan’s Feet


Project 16 Update 6/27/19:

We are a little more than 2 weeks out from being in the Dominican Republic. While in field eMites Team along with Samaritan’s Feet will be distributing shoes in and around Santo Domingo from July 13th-18th.

“The World Shoe is a better, properly designed shoe that is biodegradable and protects the feet from injury, infections, and diseases. With an active, built-in anti-microbial agent, infections can be treated as it’s worn. It’s protective and breathable and removes the access point for parasitic activity and gives hope and opportunity to those who wear it.” (

Shoes provide protection and allow children to attend school, individuals to secure work, and everyone to continue being a part of their community.

We are excited to be a part of the lasting impact Samaritan’s Feet is making in the Dominican Republic. Join us today! #GiveYourMite

1.5 million (1).png

Project 16 Insight 6/25/19:

Did you know an estimated 1.5 billion people are infected with soil-transmitted diseases worldwide. Soil-transmitted diseases are caused by different species of parasitic worms. “Because of the severity of these diseases and symptoms, individuals may not be able to safely work, go to school, travel to markets, or be involved in their community” ( Stay tuned for our update on Thursday to learn how Samaritan’s Feet is helping stop the spread by providing anti-bacterial shoes. #GiveYourMite