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Project 15 Update: 5/16/19

The educational materials in each backpack will include items such as: pens & pencils, ruler, 10 notebooks, clipboard, eraser, and Mailbox Club lessons translated into Telugu. The materials have been sourced from manufacturers and redistributed via cargo vehicles managed by our in field coordinators.

In less than a week our eMite team will be heading to Hyderabad, India to distribute 2,000 book bags. When you #GiveYourMite, you can be a part of this mission to give children an education.


Project 15 Insight: 5/14/19

Hyderabad houses roughly 6.8 million people, making it the fourth most populous city in India. However, according to a recent census, one third of the total population live in the 1,476 slums in and around Hyderabad. One of Hyderabad’s most populous slums is called Indiramma Nagar (pictured left) with 620,000 individuals. For young boys and girls the opportunity to go to school can change their lives forever. Donate $10 today and open the door to education.

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Project 15 Update: 5/9/19

Our awesome team in India is busy preparing everything for the huge distribution of 2,000 book bags this month. eMite will be traveling to Bhadrachalam, Manuguru, and Mancherial. These rural villages are within 5 hours drive of Hyderabad and the need is great. In each location we will be distributing book bags full of educational supplies so children can attend school and receive an education. Join us today! #GiveYourMite

- eMite Team


Project 15 Insight: 5/7/19

Census of India 2011 showed that an estimated 32 million children in India aged between 6-13 years have never attended any educational institution. United Nations Development Programme stated in 2015 that India has made significant progress in generalizing primary education. However, a large percentage of children living in rural areas and from marginalized communities are still out of school. In many cases, children cannot attend the public education system due to the cost of materials required. The lack of paper and pen can mean that a child does not obtain the education necessary to break a cycle of poverty. Donate $10 now to provide a book bag full of supplies necessary for school! #GiveYourMite