eMite is a ministry to the giver.  We are excited to present giving opportunities that affect people's lives.  People who are truly in need.  Projects that truly make an impact.  Below you can view these projects, both completed and currently happening, click on the buttons to get more information and check out what eMiters are doing around the world.  We encourage you to get engaged and enjoy giving with a community of eMiters!  

*Source: Face2Face Africa

*Source: Face2Face Africa

Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's Hope

eMiters have the opportunity to bring hope and a new life path to mothers and their babies in Johannesburg, South Africa. This October eMite will be donating packs full of supplies for both the new mom and baby for their joyful journey ahead. 

*Source: Fox26

*Source: Fox26

Project 5 - Helping Hand for Houston

Hurricane Harvey has brought destruction on Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.  Now eMiters have the opportunity to answer the call of help and bring clean water to the evacuees of this destructive storm.

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Project 4- Hearing Aids for Honduras

eMite and our wonderful eMiters teamed up with Parsons Ministries and BMDMI to provide solar powered hearing aids to people in need in Guaimaca, Honduras. Thanks to eMiters we were able to bring the sound of love, joy, and hope to those who had not heard in their lifetime.!


Project 3- Book Bags of Blessing

eMiters positively impacted the future of children in Nicaragua!  Who would have thought a book bag could have life changing opportunity for children?  Through this outreach, eMiters helped provide book bags to 200 poor children who could not afford supplies for school.  With every mite a book bag was filled with blessings for children in need!


Project 2 - Love Boxes for Atlanta 

This Valentine's Day eMiter's joined together to bring hope and love to families in need. Homelessness is a plight that affects people throughout the world. This Valentine's Day we showed to the homeless of Atlanta, Georgia that there are people who care and that love is not lost. 


Project 1 - Classroom for South Africa

eMiters gave their Mites to convert a shipping container into a classroom  This classroom will be used to affect the lives of poor children in the shantytown of Kwaggafontein, South Africa for generations! Children that have only known poverty will now have the opportunity to go to school and change their futures!

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At eMite we are continually looking for new projects that give the eMite community an opportunity to touch the live of people in need.  If you have a project that you would like to recommend to our team, please click on the button below.  We will use the information you submit to research the suggested giving opportunity.