Winter is coming and for you and me that might mean higher heating costs in our homes.  We may have to bundle up as we run between our house and the car.  We may have to deal with the snow on the driveway and ice on the windshield.  But for many people who live homeless lives, winter represents bone chilling nights and even battling hypothermia.    

While there are shelters and soup kitchens to assist these homeless individuals, we need to understand that being homeless means being out on the street and in the elements for long periods of time.  In the winter's cold these periods represent a real threat to homeless people.    

So we are encouraging eMiters to join together now to provide warm blankets, clothing and other supplies that will assist those homeless in need during the coming winter.  We will be supporting a coordinated effort developed by Project Wish List Baltimore and local shelters and organizations working with the homeless of the city of Baltimore to distribute packages of warmth to those persons truly in need.  As winter approaches you have an opportunity to bring warmth to both bodies and souls. 

Project Scope

Country: United States of America 

Community: Baltimore 

# served: 200

Need: Complete!