Project 6- Babies Joy, Mothers Hope 11/27/17

Thank you to our wonderful eMiters who gave generously to this project. Your donations are impacting the lives of young, first time, and expectant mothers in Johannesburg, South Africa. Check out this Celebration Video to see the distribution of the Joy and Hope that you provided for these new moms.

Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's Hope 11/9/17

We loved this photo Impact Africa captured so much we had to share it ourselves! For Project 6 eMite had the opportunity to touch the lives of both children and mothers in Johannesburg. They in turn touched our own hearts. We are looking forward to releasing Project 6 Celebration Video soon! 

Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's Hope 11/2/17

eMites team has arrived back to the United States from Johannesburg. We're hard at work creating the Celebration Video for Project 6 and are so excited to show you the final result! 

-eMite Team

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Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's Hope 10/26/17

We have an update on Project 6! eMite has arrived to Johannesburg, South Africa and is having a blast out in the field. Here are some photos from Impact Africa's Instagram. 

-eMite Team

Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's Hope 10/19/17

Impact Africa has a team in Johannesburg this week that is assembling the baby packs. The materials inside the packs will include: diapers, toothpaste, toothbrush, baby blanket, baby clothes, etc. 

The packs that will be donated to the new or expecting mothers in Johannesburg were kindly donated by a company in Africa. 

We are so excited to see how eMiters will touch these women and children! 

-eMite Team