We have all heard about the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the historic rainfall flooding the communities of Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.  Our hearts ache for the families having to leave their homes and everything they own to be ravaged by the rising waters of the flood.  We have been inspired by those same people, having lost all they had, yet thankful for what they have kept - family, friends and their hope!       

Now it is time!  It's time for those of us with a heart to help others in need to act.   

The destruction is massive!  Millions of people are affected by Hurricane Harvey's indiscriminate flooding.  Now we have an opportunity to overcome a hurricane's malice actions with our purposeful love!

eMiter's, we will be working with organizations, companies and individuals in the community of Belmont, North Carolina to show love to the citizens of the Lone Star State .  The Stuff-A-Truck event is being organized to collect needed supplies to be shipped to the centers housing evacuees around Texas.  eMite is joining the Stuff-A-Truck cause by committing to supply a much needed item.       

Reports are coming in now of how the flooding waters of Hurricane Harvey are contaminating the water in Houston.*     

Give your Mite to help us send thousands of gallons of clean, spring water to evacuees displaced by Harvey and the flooding!  Join Project 5 - Helping Hand for Houston and provide life sustaining water and a whole lot of love and hope to people in need!  Click The Button Below to Give Your Mite.


Project Scope

Country:   United States

Community:   Houston, Texas

# served:   Thousands

Need:    Complete