What if you could give a child the gift of hearing - would you do it?  What if it cost you $5 or $10 - would you spend it?  If you lost your own hearing, how much would you pay to get it back? What would you pay to give a child the ability to hear their mother's voice?  How about the joyful laughs of friends on the playground?  How much Mite would you give to let a child here the words "I love you"? 

Well, we got good news.  eMiters now have the opportunity to do just that. Join us in Project 4 as we work with Parsons Ministries to bring the sound of love, joy and hope to children in Honduras!  

Give your Mite and children will hear!  Give your Mite and you will see the impact your love has on those who hear!   

Parsons Ministries operates self supported medical missions outreaches around the world with doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals supporting their own costs to travel to remote areas and conduct much needed medical clinics, surgeries and training that touch the lives of thousands.  Now eMite has the opportunity to join them on one of these outreaches and we are excited about what is going to happen!

It costs thousands of dollars to get a pair of battery powered hearing aids in the U.S.  But for just $125 per pair eMiters will give a child a brand new set of solar powered hearing aids! 

What an opportunity to have a real impact on children who need help to hear!  Whatever your Mite, give it and see a child hear because you shared.  Join Project 4 - Hearing Aids for Honduras today by clicking the button below.

Project Scope

Country:   Honduras

Community:   Guaimaca

# served:   35

Need:    Completed!