Whether you are in school now or have to recall way back memories of a time when you learned in a classroom, you know the valuable experience your received through education.   Remember the class supply lists the teachers handed out as a guide for all the necessary things you would need during the school year.  Pencils, lined paper, markers, ruler, and the list went on. 

Parent and child would run off to the store to get the necessary supplies, pile them all in a new book bag bought for the new school year, along with a new lunchbox, and on the morning of the first day of school off you went fully equipped to take on a new learning adventure.  Well, not every child experiences day 1 of school like that. 

In fact, in some countries, a child may never experience a day of school because their family cannot afford to purchase the supplies necessary to go to school. 

To these children, that class supply list becomes a barrier to experiencing the valuable benefits of education.

Now eMiters have an opportunity to breakdown that barrier and allow 200 children in Nicaragua to experience the blessing of having a book bag full of the supplies they need to make school a possibility.  Through Project 3, we are going to help families who do not have the financial resources to buy school supplies for their children.

For $20 per Book Bag of Blessing, eMiters will open the door to education for children in Nicaragua. 

When you give your Mite to this project you will impact the lives of children.  Your love for them will be a blessing wrapped up in a really nice, very functional Book Bag!

Project Scope

Country:   Nicaragua

Community:   Managua

# served:   200

Need:    Completed!