“A person is a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss

Every day 3 infants are abandoned on the streets of Johannesburg*. Left in drainage ditches, thrown into trash cans or abandoned on the side of roads, these babies are left helpless against the elements. Why does such a thing happen? Is there anything that we can do about it?

According to experts, a child born in South Africa is at the highest risk of being killed during its first six days of life.  This reality exists because of poverty, hopelessness and shame. Mother’s living in impoverished conditions, without hope of supporting themselves, never mind another human being, view the birth of their new baby as a burden which they are unequipped to handle. With no support network or resources to assist with the new responsibility, the only apparent solution is abandonment.  

While this is a hard reality for us to grasp here in our world, the fact is that new mothers are making this choice every day in a world not too far away from our own. The greatest potential known to exist on the planet earth, the potential found in the life of a child, is lost because of lack of hope and despair.  

There is something that we can do! There are organizations, like Impact Africa, which provide a support network for these mothers and their babies.  There is a way provided to save the life of the child that would have been abandoned and lost! And You can help!  

The program is called Baby Rescue and it involves a drop box, sincere and helpful care takers and an adoption program to place infants in loving homes.  Project 19 - Baby Rescue - Johannesburg presents the eMite Giving Community with the opportunity to change lives by literally saving them from abandonment and death.  Your donations to Project 19 will be used to support this program throughout the 2019-2020 year. Every baby saved during this year will be a life that your Mite helped save!  

Join us today!  Help the most vulnerable in our world by providing hope, a way to save their lives.  Give Your Mite!  

Project Scope

Country:  South Africa

City: Johannesburg

# Served: tens of thousands

Babies Saved: ___ counting

Need:  $30,000

Progress on Project 19- Baby Rescue, Johannesburg

(Funding for baby rescue will be used to support all aspects of baby rescue program including rescue and care of infants, support staff, prevention and awareness materials and new mother assistance.)