For Project 18 we are headed back to the country of Indonesia for a Book Bag of Blessing distribution on East Timur Nusa. In Indonesia, a country made up of thousands of islands, East Timur may be considered just another one of the islands dotting the sea of Southeast Asia. This September, the eMite community will reach out to the people of South Nusa and show love and care to children who need a blessing!

We are distributing more than 1,000 book bags filled with school supplies and goodies to help the children in poverty go to school. These children will feel the love and hope that your Mite brings.

Book Bag of Blessings projects have been conducted throughout the world bringing joy and hope as children have the doors to education opened up to them. eMite’s Team will be on the ground in East Timur in September to personally distribute the Book Bags of Blessings individually to each child! The trip will include plane, boat, car and hikes into villages where navigable roads are unavailable.

Join in this fantastic outreach that will extend love and blessing into some of the remotest areas yet ventured by eMite. Bring joy to children in poverty and open the door to a brighter future with the simple donation of a Book Bag of Blessing. A $10 gift will give a completely supplied book bag for a child. A gift of $100 will pack 10 durable book bags with school supplies and goodies for 10 children.  

Give Your Mite Today for Project 18 - Book Bags of Blessing - South Nusa Island.

Project Scope

Country:  Indonesia

City: East nusa timur

# served: 1,300

Need:  $12,800

Progress on Project 18 - Book Bags of Blessing Indonesia

$10 fills a book bag with blessings for a child in need.