Cataracts are traditionally thought of as an ailment of the elderly and those advanced in years. However, it is estimated that 1 out of every 250 children will develop cataracts in one or both eyes before birth or during childhood. These cataracts are often hereditary and can lead to severe vision impairment.

If a child is left with untreated cataracts for more than a few years, that portion of their brain shuts down, resulting in blindness for life.

While cataract surgery on adults is fairly routine and can cost as little as one hundred dollars, the surgery performed to correct cataracts in children must be performed under general anesthesia, increasing the costs significantly! In the United States, a child’s cataract surgery will cost between $3,600 and $6,000.

For Project 17, eMite is partnering with Resources for the Blind (RBI) to give 14 poor children, who have been identified with severe cataract development, sight correcting surgery! Working with RBI, an organization that specializes in vision related outreach, we are able to provide the surgery at a cost of under $1,000 per child.  

So eMiters, for just $1,000 we can change the life of a child by restoring sight to their eyes! I See Clearly is a project that will change lives. We will provide sight giving surgery to poor children who do not have the resources to pay for such a medical procedure. Through your Mite they will see! Join us today by giving to Project 17 - I See Clearly!

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