What is the World Shoe?  According to the creators of the World Shoe, these innovatively designed and manufactured shoes help in the fight against disease, deformity and even death due to foot-borne ailments.  All around the world people are affected by illness and injury because of lack of proper footwear.

An estimated 1.5 Billion people are infected with soil-transmitted diseases.  Prevention could be as simple as a pair of shoes!  

Samaritan’s Feet, the distributors of the World Shoe, is on a mission to create a world with Zero Shoeless Children.  On Project 16, eMiters have the opportunity to join in this mission and fight disease and foot related maladies.  

Join us on Project 16, World Shoe Distribution Dominican Republic, as we join Samaritan’s Feet and distribute the World Shoe to children and adults in the DR.  Let’s work together to provide people Freedom from foot-borne disease.  Give Your Mite to put soles on feet and peace in souls.  

For more information on the World Shoe - http://www.theworldshoe.com/

Project Scope

Country:  Dominican Republic  

City:  Santo Domingo  

# served: 115

Need:  completed