Life in the slums around Hyderabad, India is disadvantaged in the truest sense of the word. Growing up in these slums, people lack most of the amenities we take for granted in our daily lives. Living in sheet metal shacks with dirt floors, having limited opportunity for work and no access to healthcare services are just some of the hardships realized by the families living in the slums.

Among all the deficiencies experienced by the poor in the slums, possibly the greatest is the exclusion of the children from public educational offerings. While the Indian government will provide schools for the population, the people themselves must provide the supplies necessary for their children to attend school. Amazingly, the lack of paper and pen can mean that a child does not obtain the education necessary to break a cycle of poverty.

now eMiters have the opportunity to be the difference for children in Hyderabad slums. Your Mite can break the poverty cycle by opening up educational opportunities for children that would not have them. For just $10 you can set a child on a course to break free!

We are launching Project 15 - Book Bag of Blessing Hyderabad. Through this outreach, the eMite giving community will bless over 2,000 children with school supplies and a quality book bag in order to attend the public school. These bags of blessings have the ability to change children's lives and you can be the one to make that change happen. Join us on the project.

Project Scope

Country:  India  

City:  hyderabad 

# served:  2,000

Need: completed