The story of Project 14: Peristiwa Bago

The continual strain of an ailing appendix was a living reality for Peristiwa. For 6 years she dealt with this reality and lacking the funds to correct the problem, Peristiwa could only take painkillers to numb some of the pain. But a few months ago, Peristiwa met eMite in Indonesia while we were working on Projects 9 + 10. Her active participation in those projects brought her close to the outreach and made her condition evident to eMite personnel.

Realizing how much pain Peristiwa was in, we worked to help her get into see a doctor. This visit was timely for Peristiwa because her appendix was at the point of rupturing when the doctor examined her. Emergency surgery was immediately scheduled and eMite was able to help. Peristiwa’s appendix was successful removed and a complete recovery followed. The doctor later told us if Peristiwa had not received the surgery, she would have died.

Because of the generosity of our eMite givers, we were able to help Peristiwa with the urgent surgery she needed and complete this project. We hope sharing Peristiwa's story inspires you to make an impact on someone else's life in need.

Project Scope

Country:  INDONESIA  

City:  jakarta  

# served:  1

Need:  successfully completed