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Project 12 Insight: 10/11/18

The effects of jiggers- going beyond the physical.

While the negative impact of jiggers is very evident in the pain that they cause there are other effects that are just as damaging.

One of these areas is the physiological effect of jiggers in a community where these parasites are a plight. It’s not uncommon for the individuals affected by them to be isolated and shunned. Children are unable to play with their friends, adults are unable to work, and in some situations people are labeled as cursed. As Sole Hope expands its #zerojigger outreach the effects of jiggers will not only heal soles but also hearts. #GiveYourMite

-eMite Team

Project 12 Insight: 10/4/18

How to prevent jiggers- education is key.

One of the most important points in Sole Hopes work is educating on how to live a jigger free lifestyle.

“It’s not enough to just remove the problem one time, we have to partner with communities to enhance the quality of life and education, so they are empowered to maintain their jigger free life through resources and knowledge.” Sole Hope

Maintaining clean hygiene and wearing protective shoes are simple ways to prevent jiggers. With education you are able to leave a lasting impact and change lives. #GiveYourMite

-eMite Team

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Project 12 uPDATE FROM THE FIELD: 9/22/18

It’s with a heavy heart we leave Uganda to head home.

We are so thankful for our partnership with Sole Hope on Project 12. To witness the outreach they have in Uganda and how they engage and employ local Ugandans is amazing. We are grateful to be a part of their growth.

Thank you to the eMiters who gave to Project 12 and everyone who engaged. Your Mite will continue to impact thousands of people throughout the years.

We hope to return! Stay tuned for the Project 12 Celebration Video. It’s going to be awesome! #GiveYourMite #zerojiggers

-eMite Team

Project 12 uPDATE FROM THE FIELD: 9/21/18

Today we visited Sole Hope new shoe workshop and saw how your Mite was put to work through Project 12!

Amazing is all we have to say.

eMiters donations not only mean a bigger outreach for Sole Hope, but also many more local Ugandans will be employed in order to fill the workshop.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you! Your impact is HUGE.

Check out our Instagram @emiteorg to see video from today and daily updates!

Get involved by clicking the link here: https://www.emite.org/project-12#GiveYourMite #zerojiggers 

📸PC: Oscar Minyo

-eMite Team

Project 12 uPDATE FROM THE FIELD: 9/20/18

Today eMites Team traveled with Sole Hope to a rural village hours away from Jinja and set up clinic.

Children’s feet are washed and then properly removed of all jiggers by a team of professional Ugandans. They are then equipped with the proper tools and education on how to live a jigger free lifestyle. “These shoes are not just a nice gift or gesture; THEY TRULY CHANGE LIVES.” #zerojiggers

Check out our Instagram stories to stay updated as well @emiteorg

-eMite Team

Project 12 uPDATE FROM THE FIELD: 9/19/18

We have arrived to Jinja, Uganda today and are on the field with Sole Hope.

Tomorrow we will be driving 2 hours away to a rural village where we will be setting up clinic for the day. Sole Hopes medical staff will be washing feet and removing jiggers. After the removal of jiggers the patients are educated on cleanliness and how to lead a lifestyle of jigger prevention.

Stay tuned for more updates from the field!

Thank you for Giving Your Mite! #GiveYourMite #zerojiggers

-eMite Team

Project 12 Insight: 9/18/18

En Route ✈️

Here are three out of the hundreds of lives that have been and continue to be changed because of the work done through Sole Hope

When Sole Hope encounters a jigger infested foot they do not see a life destroyed, but an individual who is gaining their life back.

eMites team is en route to Uganda! Stay tuned to see updates straight from the field over the next few days. Thank you to those who have given to Project 12- Healing for the Sole Uganda. 

PROJECT 12 update: 9/13/18

Because of you eMiters the new equipment is rolling in to outfit Sole Hope’s Shoe Workshop!

Sewing machines, plier, tables, stools, whetstones, lasts, and grinders are just a few tools needed in order to equip a successful shoe workplace. We are one step closer to helping millions of little toes!

Thank you.

-eMite Team

Project 12 Insight: 9/11/18

Shoe Makers Workshop

All of Sole Hope operations will now be able to be housed in one location allowing them to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and reach. The Shoemakers’ Workshop will house both tailors and shoemakers for Sole Hope with room to increase the staff from 25 to 60. When you #GiveYourMite to Project 12 you are providing countless feet protection but also local tailors and shoemakers a stable job!

PROJECT 12 update: 9/6/18

On the day of ribbon cutting, Okello reflects on how the new shoemaking shop will greatly improve shoe production for Sole Hope. With a larger working space the number of individuals reached will greatly increase. 

Thank you to all those who have given and engaged!

-eMite Team

Project 12 Insight: 9/4/18

What are Sole Hope shoes made from?

Sole Hope shoes are made from old jeans and recycled tires for soles. Each pair of shoes are sewn by local Ugandan tailors and finished by Sole Hope shoemakers. Project 12 is dedicated toward equipping a shoe factory in Uganda that will be providing millions of little toes protection from jiggers and the harmful affects they cause. Give Your Mite and join us! 

Project 12 Insight: 8/31/18

Countries that suffer most from jigger infestation are Uganda and Kenya.

PROJECT 12 update: 8/30/18

On Friday, July 27th Sole Hope had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the new shoe making shop. As of now, the building is complete and is waiting to be filled with necessary equipment for a shoe factory that will produce shoes for years!  Check out the photos below.

-eMite Team

Project 12 Insight: 8/28/18