eMiters, if you don't know what a jigger is, you are not alone.  We didn't know about these little insects or the profoundly adverse affect they cause on people's lives until we ran into an organization called Sole Hope.  Now we know and we have decided this is an outreach opportunity that we had to share with our community of givers.  So for Project 12 we are teaming up with Sole Hope to help thousands of people in Uganda, Africa with much needed relief from jiggers and the harmful affects they cause.  

How are we helping and why should you get involved?  First of all, this eMite Project is going to help tens of thousands of people!  We are talking about years of impact that will truly free people from these parasites and the isolation, loss of work and loss of schooling they cause the infected.  Also, your Mite will equip a shoe factory in Uganda that will produce shoes for years!  These shoes will prevent continued infection for people who have been treated.  

A Jigger is a terrible thing!  NOw you have the opportunity to stop it from causing pain, isolation and even loss of toes among thousands of people in uganda.  

We will be assisting Sole Hope with their Zero Jiggers Campaign which involves the removal of eggs laid inside the sole of people's feet, supply of shoes to prevent continued infection and training on how those relieved from the painful affects of the jiggers can live free from the parasites for the rest of their lives.   

So, Come On eMiters!  Let's join together to stop these dreadful creatures from continuing to inflict pain and suffering.  There are millions of little toes that need your help. 

Give Your Mite to Project 12: Healing for the Soles - Uganda.   

*Photos by Sole Hope

Project Scope

Country:  Uganda, Africa 

Community:  Jinja  

# served:  Tens of Thousands

Need:  Successfully Completed