For some in this world the essentials in life are hard to come by.  Fresh, clean water, adequate clothing, a nutrition meal or shelter are things the children in the slums of Jakarta regularly go without.  Families in the poorest areas of Indonesia's capital city may be living on as little as $1 per day!  When so little comes in, there are times when they have to do without.   

But what can we do for these children that are halfway around the world?  Through Project 10 - Food & Shoes you can join other eMiters and do a lot!  

Now is our time to meet the needs of others.  Now we have an opportunity to feed and clothe Children . 

The lack of shoes in polluted slum streets and paths exposes children to parasitic organisms, illness and disease.  Hookworm is a parasite that infects its host in this fashion.  Stings and bug bites that get infected are also common ailments when children go without shoes.  But, for less than a fancy morning coffee, you can put help by putting soles on a child's feet.  For less than the cost of a fancy meal you can put soles on feet and good food in a child's belly! 

Tell a child that you love them with a new pair of shoes!  Tell them you care with nutritious meals!  

Give your Mite to Project 10 - Food & Shoes today and help a child live a healthier, more hope filled life!  

Project Scope

Country:  Indonesia 

Community:  Jakarta 

# served:  304

Need:  Complete