Living in a shantytown in South Africa is difficult to say the least.  The desperation and poverty experienced in these areas tend to imprison the inhabitants, keeping them from any hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. The children in these shantytowns are particularly impacted.

One of the most effective ways of gaining freedom from the cycle of poverty in shantytowns is through education.

Unfortunately, the policies of the public education systems in South Africa make it difficult for impoverished children to access school services. The costs associated with supplying needed materials and even attending school are too high for children living in shantytowns.  This is where Impact Africa comes in. 

Impact Africa reaches out to the poor communities around Johannesburg. They provide humanitarian services such as job training, prenatal care for pregnant women, baby rescue safe, and the development of schools to allow cost effective education. One of the key elements to the organization's school program is the classroom. Imagine you or your child taking classes in the open under trees, in the dirt, come rain or shine with the distractions of the community all around you. 

A classroom is vital for concentration and effective learning. 

Impact Africa has created an awesome way to develop a classroom from an old shipping container! Through converting a shipping container into a classroom we can provide a learning environment that is conducive to educating children and breaking the cycle of poverty in the shantytowns of Johannesburg. 

Thank you to all who gave their Mite to this Project! Because of them generations of children in Kwaggafontein, SA will have brighter future!


Project Scope

Country:   South Africa

Community:   Kwaggafontein

# served:   Generations

Need:    Completed!