Practical Giving - When Do We Give

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As mentioned in previous blog entries, need never takes holidays.  No matter the day of the year or the type of day it is, need is around.  Giving also happens every day of the year. However, unlike need, charitable giving does have some cyclical aspects.  For example, 30% of all annual giving occurs in the last month of the year, December. So, of the $410 Billion contributed within the U.S. in 2017 over $130 Billion of it was given in 1 month!  Even more dramatic is the fact that of the $130 Billion contributed in December, almost $41 Billion of it is contributed between the 28th and the 31st day of the month!

In 3 days, donors contribute $41 Billion.  That is over $13.5 Billion per day, $569,000,000 per hour or $9.5 Million per minute!  In other words, in the last 3 days of the year, charitable donations happen at a rate of $158,000 per second!  That is an absolutely amazing statistic.

These statistics are recorded on  They have another one that states that 77% of givers “believe that everyone can make a difference by supporting causes”.  100% of everyone at eMite believes that 100% of everyone can make a difference by supporting our causes. We’ve seen it! For us the question is not whether everyone can make a difference.  Our question is whether everyone will know the difference they have made? At eMite we answer that question by updating our eMiters throughout a project’s term until completion. We involve our donors in the project with in-field updates and a completed Project Celebration Video when the project is successfully accomplished so that they can enjoy the impact right on their computers and phones.  

Join the eMite Community of Givers and know that you are making a difference!  Give Your Mite!

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