What's the focus on Mite?

When we give of ourselves, whether it’s time, knowledge, money or other manners, we are giving our Mite (Might). When you work, you are paid money as a value of the time you spend working. For a period of time in your life you choose to work in order to make money. That money is a product of your life and the time you spent making it. In essence what you’re paid is a valuation of your life.

At eMite we translate that value into the term “Mite”. It is the reason why we take the stewardship of your gifts so serious. We do not view a donation as simply money. It is an eMiter’s precious time. You give of your life and we strive to make sure that gift is as impactful as possible in both your life and the lives of those receiving the gift.

That’s why at eMite we view donations in terms of Mites not dollars. When a person gives a Mite it’s a sacred action and we see the use of that Mite as a sacred trust. Because of this view and the value we place on a Mite, we make sure our donors are aware of how their Mite is used. When you give to eMite, 100% of your gift goes directly to the need - to help people. When you give to eMite, you see first hand the impact your mite makes in the lives of others. Through available technology, we take you to the field so that you can see and celebrate with the people that you have impacted through giving your Mite.

When you give to eMite, you join with a community of givers, eMiters, to enjoy the excitement, inspiration and blessing of giving. That’s what eMite is about and why we focus on the Mite.