“We make giving better”


There is a fine line between a beggar and a conduit of generosity. And charities walk this line every day. To many, asking for a donation resembles selfish intent. Regardless of the cause, once begging is perceived to be the chosen method of raising donations people lose interest and even get offended. At eMite we certainly have no interest in offending anybody, and we want to share the true heart of our mission.

eMite does not need money. Our purpose isn’t to raise money. Our purpose is to see people give their Mite. We desire for people to experience the joy that comes from understanding their Mite has been used to help others and that for generations to come. That their Mite will be active in healing people, educating people, and giving people hope.

If you don’t want to give, no problem. The project will be completed. We are good stewards, so we make sure that every project is accomplished. But if you want to join with other givers to make a difference in this world, we have the opportunity for you. That is what we are about. That is our core value and our mission. We Make Giving Better.

Scott ToalComment