eMite - The Little Giving App

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Last month eMite fulfilled its goal of launching an App for the eMiter community. That App, we like to call it “The Little Giving App”, notifies our donors when and where their Mites are used and informs them of the impact made through their support - directly from the field to their phones. The eMite App is like a donor teleporter that brings the eMiter Community directly to where people’s lives are being changed! It is Awesomeness wrapped in a simple little package.

Even though our Little Giving App is so simple, back in the 1990s this type of functionality was not developed. There was nothing like a smartphone for accessing Apps anywhere in the world and therefore there were no Apps to be accessed as well. That all changed when Steve Jobs and Apple came out with the iPhone and the creativity of programmers everywhere was unleashed to create new ways to communicate.

So as eMite was being envisioned there was no concept of Apps or their usefulness. But fast forward 20 years and Apps are being released at a rate of thousands per day! Of course this may raise the question of why eMite feels it necessary to add to this tidal wave of new App technology with its Little Giving App. Well, we cannot think of any better use of smartphones and Apps than to bring joy, hope and gratitude to people’s lives by connecting donors directly to the impact of their donations. What a beautiful use of communication technology to let someone know that their gift was received and show them the smiles on faces impacted by their Mite! Love It!

The Little Giving App will certainly have a big part in helping eMite accomplish our goal of Making Giving Better. But it is definitely not the end all. There is more to be done and we at eMite are dedicated to finding and implementing that more to help people all over the world know that it is better to give than to receive. Join us in this great endeavor - #GiveYourMite

Scott ToalComment