The Life in Giving

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There is no part of a person’s life that is not valuable.  The very existence of a person establishes a value that goes way beyond any amount of money that may be paid to obtain it.  Based on this understanding, we propose that anything given by a person inherently contains high value based on the life used to acquire the donated item.  

So if a person’s life is invaluable, or unable to be bought, than any resource representing that life naturally has high value as well.  The value may not be as great as the full life of the person, but a resource representing even a small portion of the life must have tremendous value.  A charitable donation, in the form of time, money, service, etc, is a resource that comes from the donor’s time and energy, the donor’s life. Whatever is donated contains in it the time, or life, it took for the donor to obtain the donated thing.  

If we understand charitable transactions from this viewpoint, it will certainly affect the way we approach these transactions.  From the donor’s position, care will be taken to give that portion of his/her life toward a meaningful endeavor with a high likelihood for successful impact on those in need.  From the charitable organization’s standpoint, an appropriate level of honor will be afforded each gift received and proper stewardship will be applied in the matter of handling a donation of a person’s life.  And from the recipient’s position, a high level of joy and gratitude will be felt in receipt of such a gift, understanding of course that it is never a small matter for a person to either give or receive a portion of one’s life.  

By the way, we at eMite call that portion of life a Mite, and it is always our goal to treat it with the highest of value.

Scott ToalComment