The Lesson in the Washing Machine


How about a quick lesson in gratitude brought to us from a broken down washing machine:

One of the attitudes that promotes a giving nature is gratitude.  Being grateful for what one has naturally leads a person to give. When a person realizes that their blessed life is not something that they are entitled to but rather something that has been graciously provided by One who loves them, that person will respond by willingly and joyfully giving of what they have.  

So what about this washing machine?  Well, just last week our 10 year old washing machine broke down in an irreversible way.  In other words, it gave up the ghost. The appliance service professional gave us the news and said the eulogy.  Our washing machine is history,

Now, as any mother of 7 can tell you, a broken down washing machine is a tremendous nuisance.  My wonderful wife would have certainly been allowed some irritation and a few colorful words due to this situation.  But instead of focusing on the current condition of our washing machine or the potential inconvenience created by its untimely end, she focused on the wonderful service the machine provided.  The years of service, washing clothes for 9 people, provided by that machine. And even more importantly, the fact that we have a washing machine at all! Think about that. We have a washing machine that could stop working for us.  This was a reason for gratitude.

Now to be sure, this view of the situation did not change the fact that clothes are piling up quick next to a broken washer, but it did wonders for all the family in understanding that we are blessed.  We have something to be grateful for, even in a broken washing machine. We decided to rejoice for the long service provided rather than grumble about the need to replace it.

Let gratitude be an attitude that rules your day today.  There will definitely be irritants, distractions, problems and other things that will try to steal from you.  But don’t let that happen. Be thankful and show gratitude.

Scott ToalComment