The Gratitude Fund

Recently we had the opportunity to visit with a group of young people of middle school years.  We talked about missions work, the projects eMite has the privilege of being involved in and the opportunity to make a difference through giving.  The group was engaging, and although our time was brief, we connected with these youngsters. We were blessed far beyond any blessing that we could have provided to them.  

Shortly after our talk with this group we received word that one of the young ladies who attended the meeting had set up a fund and was intent on giving of the fund to future eMite projects.  The young lady had titled the fund, “The Gratitude Fund”. WOW! That was pretty much a verbatim quote from our founder when he heard the name of the fund. How perfect was that name. The Gratitude Fund, a fund that was established by a young lady who grasp entirely the nature of eMite from a 30 minute discussion.  The purpose of the fund is to help others in need. The Gratitude Fund would be supported by a young lady who understood the reasons why she was grateful. She desired to exemplify her gratitude by giving! Well, that is so exciting to us at eMite!

The Gratitude Fund has now given several donations to eMite.  Those funds will go on to impact the lives of others around the WORLD!  That is simply awesome. What a blessing for eMite to be the recipient of these treasured gifts - willingly and freely given from a heart of gratitude.  Of course we will make sure that the founder of the Gratitude Fund knows exactly how her contributions are impacting people’s lives. After all, it is her Mite and we take the stewardship of everyone’s Mite very seriously.

If you have something to be grateful for we encourage you to join this young lady and give!   

Scott ToalComment