The Purpose of eMite

Every endeavor should be undertaken with a guiding purpose - a mission to accomplish.  eMite has a purpose and our staff works daily to accomplish that purpose. The purpose of eMite is to Make Giving Better.  That is the catchy, concise, marketing way of expressing our purpose.  Now what does it mean?

There is a very old saying which may be familiar to you.  It is attributed to Jesus Christ and used by many other individuals and organizations down through the ages.  The saying goes something like this: “It is better to give than to receive.” In our current socio economic climate this statement may seem radical but recent studies have supported its veracity.  People who give are happier and generally more healthy than those who do not.  In other words, it is in fact better for a person to give than it is for them to receive.

Frankly speaking, regardless of studies showing the benefits of giving, it seems that our culture has adopted the attitude that receiving is far better than giving and in many instances it is better to take than to give.  This is a problem. Selfishness is a plague to society, and the absence of generosity will ultimately cause the downfall of any nation. Generosity and kindness is a cornerstone in a healthy society. If a giving heart is healthier for a person, it is also healthier for the community in which that person lives.  

At eMite we truly believe that giving is better than receiving.  What’s this belief based on? Experience. We know the benefit because we have seen it, felt it and lived it in our own lives.  While we understand the great benefits of giving, we also are not blind to the fact that some charitable transactions don’t end up producing the impact the donor wishes to achieve. This is where the eMite purpose comes into play.  

eMite purposefully operates so that donors can confidently give, knowing that their donation - or Mite - is used for the project to which it was given.  We also intentionally encourage every giver to understand that their Mite, regardless of the dollar amount, has a big impact. Most of all, we work hard to increase the Joy in giving.  Using the latest technology, we bring our donors directly to the field so that they can see with their own eyes the lives that are touched through their gift. We celebrate the charitable transaction for what it is - a life impacting a life!  This is how we accomplish eMite’s purpose. This is how we Make Giving Better.

Scott ToalComment