Thankfully Giving


Gratitude is such a wonderful attitude.  It is so good to know someone who is truly thankful.  Of course there is so much in life to be thankful for - the ability to read this blog for instance.  Think about all the things that go into that simple act: sight, learning, the Internet, money, light, an electronic device, hands, eyes, a brain and the list hopefully goes on and on.  

But one thing we seldom think to be grateful for is giving. The act of giving and the ability to do so is infrequently found on the List of Thank You’s.  But should we not be so tremendously thankful for the opportunity to give?  You may say, “What, pray tell, shall I be thankful for in giving away a thing that was once in my possession?”  To which eMite would respond, “Everything.”  The list would go something like this:

  1. The fact that you had something to give.

  2. The impact that your gift made on someone else or even the world.

  3. The exponential impact as that one person impacted by your gift goes on to impact others.

  4. Your life being a little freer of encumbrance.

  5. The balanced priority that your giving has brought to your life.

  6. The fact that your life is no longer measured solely on what you made but also includes what you gave.

  7. That you are no longer alone but that you have someone whose life is touched by you.

  8. The community that you have joined full of people who like you understand now the benefits of sharing what they have received.

  9. That your possession is no longer just stuff but now is a tool you can use to reach out and to change the world you live in.

  10. That your small act of giving is available to grow into into a treasure that is too much to contain.

Giving indeed adds to our life in ways that we simply cannot measure.  To be thankful for giving should be just as natural as being thankful for receiving.  And that is the whole thing right there.  At eMite we believe that it is Better to Give than to Receive.  Be thankful for the better part!