Practical Giving - P7

What happens when it all goes wrong and the charity does not work out like I wanted it to?

Wow.  This is a tough one.  Givers need to understand that all organizations are run by human beings.  Whether through human error or through malicious intent, charities can misuse funds given to them.  There is no organization immune to human error. Even the most in depth research may not reveal all things.  So how do you handle lost impact of your donation?

We cannot speak for every organization out there, but we can speak from eMite’s perspective.  It is our pledge that every Mite donated to our organization goes toward the assigned project, to provide the greatest benefit to both recipient and giver.  This does not always work out the way we desire or to the level of impact that we desire. It is at these times that eMite covers the costs of an ill fated project through operational funds, not supported by eMiters’ Mites, and assigns those Mites to be used on a future project.  This ensures that all donors to eMite realize the greatest impact from their donations.

That being said, we certainly do not expect all your giving to be to eMite and we also do not expect every organization to treat your donations as eMite does.  If in your giving experience you come upon a time when your donation does not accomplish what was intended or even promised, we humbly submit the following suggestions:


Don’t let it spoil all the other opportunities you have had or will have to give.  One bad experience, or even many bad experiences, should not steal the great benefits available to you through a life of giving.


Learn from this bad time.  What happened to make it go wrong?  What could you have done to prevent it from going wrong?  How do you not do it again in the future?


Remember that giving is about your heart.  The misuse of your donation is not your fault.  If your heart was right in giving your donation, you have accomplished what was intended.  Do not let its misuse diminish the gift.

Scott ToalComment