Meet Mona


What a blessing it is to be involved in an organization that helps others! eMiters, you guys are awesome, and it is awesome to be able to get out and share your Mites with others around the world. Every trip puts us in touch with outstanding individuals who have devoted their lives to impacting the world they live in through helping those in need. Indonesia was no exception to this rule.

In a poorer area of Jakarta, Indonesia we met a man by the name of Mona. Mona is an effervescent soul that exudes excitement, love and joy in all that he does. He does alot! Mona is a pastor. His church of just over 50 people meet in a small space that is attached to his home. He loves his church and takes care of his congregation with devotion. Right next to Mona’s home and church is a steel industrial building. Mona rents the land this building is constructed on and inside the building a daily routine of activity is conducted.

You see, in addition to being a Pastor, Mona is also an entrepreneur. He has developed, launched and successfully run multiple business enterprises out of that steel building. The most recent business to grow out of it was his printing business which prints promotional products. That business has moved into a new location in Jakarta while another has started in its place. The new one is a processing plant for making cassava (yuca) root cakes and puddings. Mona has developed a process for receiving raw cassava root and processing it through boiling, baking, freezing and packaging processes until a wonderfully edible product emerges. 1,500 of his cassava products are sold every day and the operation is less than 2 years old!

But Mona does not stop there. He has also started a kindergarten for poor children in the area and every Tuesday and Thursday Mona teaches these children computer skills. Yes, he is also a kindergarten teacher. If this seems dizzying you can imagine being with Mona on a Food and Shoes distribution to over 150 kids at his facility. It was awesomeness!

How did all this develop? Why does Mona do what he does? Mona loves people. His love is respected by those around him and this has put him in a place of authority. He uses that authority to help others. He talks about his church with the same excitement that he discusses his business, and he is just as excited as he is about the school. Mona does all this because he wants to help people. It is sincere and it is powerful.

Scott ToalComment