Grace Free from Jiggers

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On Project 12, recently completed in Uganda, Africa, we had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman by the name of Grace.  Grace was an outstanding servant who himself was gracious and showed true gratitude for the life that he led. After hearing his story it should be understandable why he would have such gratitude.  

Several years ago Grace was a patient at one of the Sole Hope Zero Jigger outreaches.  When the aid workers found Grace he was in pretty bad condition. His hands, feet and his legs (knees) were covered in jiggers. He also had a large gash in his leg and the jiggers were even infesting this area.  Due to the severity of this infection, the Sole Hope workers determined that Grace needed to be brought to their Hope Center where he could be more thoroughly treated for a longer period of time. Over the next few weeks they removed jiggers and healed his wounds.

Once Grace was declared jigger free, the Hope Center staff helped him relocate back to his home and made sure he understood preventative hygiene.  Grace’s family was included in this education so that the whole household could remain free from the effects of these insects. Due to his previous condition, the pain that was caused by the jigger infection, Grace had experienced difficulty in maintaining a job and supporting his family.  However, now that he was healed, Grace once again had the opportunity to work and he got busy at it. In fact, Sole Hope offered him a job in the shoe workshop. He went to work where shoes were made that assisted those who were on the preventative program to keep their lives jigger free. With this position Grace was, and continues to be, able to provide a stable income for his family.  His children receive an education, and he remains jigger free.

Now he spends his time making shoes for men, women, and children that were in his exact position a few years ago.  The story of Grace is a story about the impact made on a life that goes on to impact other lives. It is a story that continues to be replicated by those who Give Their Mite to help others.  Thank you Sole Hope and Grace for sharing your Mite! Thank you eMiters for being a giving force that keeps giving!

Scott ToalComment