Giving Life Change

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Giving is not limited in form to large donations of money. Giving comes is all shapes and sizes and is connected to all areas of our lives. It touches every facet of our day to day. As a parent you give daily of time, energy and resources. At your job you can give willingly your best effort for the success of the company and the benefit of you and your fellow workers. As a student you can give of yourself to help fellow classmates or your teacher.   

Just as there are many ways to give, so are there many things to which you can give - Save the Whales, capital building projects, scholarships, global peace, medical assistance and the list goes on almost infinitely.  At eMite we don’t make it our business to dictate giving. If you have a cause, project or organization that inspires you to give, go for it. But we will tell you what creates the Giver Inspiration for us. We love things that help people. We love projects and charities that impact the lives of people.  That build hope. That bring joy. That change the trajectory of lives, opening new paths leading to brighter futures.

When we see a person afflicted with pain relieved through a charitable act, that's sweet, sweet satisfaction to us. When we see a child who has known nothing but poverty, hunger and shame receive a gift of hope through an act of love, that’s brilliant in our book.  Orphans finding homes, the sick finding healing, the downcast finding joy, PEOPLE in need finding their relief, in this we celebrate.

We are passionate about sharing that sweet satisfaction and wondrous joy with our community of givers. We want everyone to know what it's like to see lives changed through their selfless act of love - through their Mite.  So, while we understand there are a lot of things to give to, we encourage you to give to something that changes lives.

Scott ToalComment