eMite Seedbed

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The concept of eMite was developed over 20 years ago in the late 1990s. As a young director of a private foundation our founder saw a need to inform the giver of the impact of their donations. He was blessed to be able to give and then, due to the size of the projects and donations that were made, to experience the impact. Through visits on location at orphanages, hospitals or events that were sponsored throughout the world, the impact of the donations given were experienced first hand.

But why was this experience limited to donors making large donations? Why was this same experience not made available to the donor giving a smaller amount? After all, there is no difference between donations given from the heart. Charitable organizations tend to make distinctions between donations, and donors for that matter, based on the size of the donation or the monetary value. But is there a better way?

Why should the donors be separated from the impact of their donations? It did not seem right. That’s where the vision for eMite started, a little giving organization dedicated to serving the donor, seeking out gifts from many to accomplish a huge impact. Most importantly, as that huge amount was accomplished, there would be an opportunity for every giver, or eMiter, to experience the impact of their donation. Every donor, regardless of amount donated would have the opportunity to see the impact of their gift right where it was put to use. eMite, through technology, would bring the donor to the field, showing them how their donations were used and the impact they made on people’s lives.

Of course, a lot was needed in order to provide this in field experience to the eMiters - the technology being foremost. In the 1990s the needed technology was not available. But it was coming and in our next entry we will discuss the changes that happened to open the door for eMite. #GiveYourMite

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