Beauty in Giving

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At eMite we believe that when donors give, whether in the form of volunteering, donation of money or giving of property, they are giving a part of their lives. This belief drives our respectful response to the donations given to eMite.  After all, how valuable is a person’s life?

We so enjoy being involved in heartfelt charitable transactions.  It is a beautiful thing to see individuals decide, willingly, to give of themselves.  What’s just as beautiful is the joy people experience knowing that their gifts, or lives, were used to bless the lives others.  Is there greater value in this existence here on earth? In our opinion - no!

If you have not yet experienced the beauty in giving, we encourage you to do so today.  We’re not asking you to give to eMite. We are simply inviting you to experience something wonderful, even life changing.  Give Your Mite.

Scott ToalComment