eMite's Origin:

Our endeavor has always been and will always be to help people. Years of experience in missionary and philanthropic fields has shown us that there is both resources and great need.  We have heard the alarming statistics about how few give.  We have seen how much a very small amount of money can accomplish if rightly directed in third world and developing countries.  We have seen and experienced the joy of being able to assist those in true need.   

We at eMite love that feeling and we want others to experience it.  We also believe that once others do experience it - they will want more.  


The Purpose:

Making Giving Better.

We as givers so often have no idea what happens with our gifts.  Once a contribution is made we get no word of what it accomplished and how lives were impacted by our donation.  We see this as a weakness in our methods of charity, and eMite is designed and purposefully operated to correct this weakness.  

How can we, as givers, engage with excitement in our giving opportunities without any understanding of what will be the goal and whether or not our donation made the impact it was intended to make?  The lack of follow through from charitable organizations combined with the lack of information provided to donors about the impact of their donations, has contributed to the disengagement of people from giving.  Top off this lack of communication from charities with a heavy dose of cynicism toward faith based organizations as well as the idolization of getting rather than giving, prevalent in our society, and you have a potent mixture that inoculates people from ever understanding the great benefits in charity.  

In the modern age it appears that we have moved from the truth that "it is better to give than to receive", to a false perception that "it is better to take than to receive or give."  Due to this misunderstanding brought on by our own error, our generations are no longer enjoying the great benefits found in a life of giving.  Millions are choosing to refrain from giving and thus missing out on the joy and fulfillment that comes from helping others in need.  If there ever was a revolution necessary, our modern day attitude toward giving is ripe for it.  We need to have a revolution that touches the hearts and minds of people of all ages and illustrates for them the truth about giving.  Giving is Better.  Giving is more fulfilling.  Giving is living life to its fullest.  

Join our giving community.  Share your experience in giving with others who desire to help those in need and change their world.  Join eMiters who have found fulfillment in consistent and committed giving.  Have fun sharing with others and knowing, by seeing, how your Mite is being used to touch peoples lives.