Q&A 1

What type of Organizations does eMite support?

The donation of one’s Mite is a great thing.  The use of one’s Mite is a solemn task that eMite takes with utmost effort to ensure the greatest impact and stewardship.  With this in mind, we seek out the most effective organizations in their areas of operation.  

eMite assigns our donors’ Mites toward humanitarian related relief.  Our donors’ Mites go toward relief of hunger, illness, disease, poverty and other ailments affecting humanity.  

eMite seeks out organizations that are actively participating in the services they provide. It is our desire to assist these organizations in impacting the people they serve. Finding, researching and funding organizations with outstanding records in philanthropy is what makes eMite such an outstanding resource for the giver. We are jealous about the use of your Mite.

Q&A 2

How does eMite engage children in giving?

Children are the most valuable asset our world possesses.  They are the future of our societies and they will be responsible for carrying on the giving after we are gone.  eMite desires to actively inspire and engage children in the need for giving and the impact a life of giving can accomplish.  

We encourage parents and leaders to engage children in participating in giving.  By providing a platform that informs the giver of the impact of their Mite, we hope that families will be blessed to encourage all its members in giving. Through eMite parents can show their children how giving touches lives around the world.  Once this is accomplished, the seed of giving is planted and the child will do the rest.

Q&A 3

Do I have to put in my billing information every time I want to give my Mite?

eMite uses Subsplash Giving for receiving donations through our website. This services allows eMiters the ability to establish a Giving Account so that your billing information may be saved for future giving opportunities.  Note that none of your private or billing information is retained directly by eMite.  Any billing information provided is stored at the merchant provider so that the highest level of security of your information may be provided.

For more information on Giving to eMite visit our Give Page Here.

Q&A 4


How does eMite accept donations of Mites?

Donors at eMite can give using their credit card, debit card or via check sent to us at PO Box 1187, Belmont, NC 28012.

Q&A 5


How does eMite get videos of each individual project supported?

eMite is all about letting its donors know how their Mite is used.  The project videos are a vital part of our engagement of the giver.  We go to great lengths to make sure that every project has its own unique, on site, video produced to show the eMiters how their Mites were used and who they touched by their giving.  

The “sauce” behind the video is secret.  But suffice it to say that some dedicated, talented people love being on the ground when the projects are completed and to celebrate with those who are thankful for the generosity of the eMiters!

Q&A 6


What is eMites privacy policy?

eMite protects our donors and watches over their information diligently.  No eMiter information is used for any purpose other than notification of how awesome you are and how your Mite was used.  We do NOT sell or give your information to any partner or third party.  There - we said it and that’s the way it is.

Q&A 7


Can I get my contribution back?

No.  Once your Mite is given to eMite, it is given.

Q&A 8


Are contributions to eMite tax deductible?

eMite is a registered 501C3 Public Charity under the U.S. Internal Revenue statutes.  As such, all contributions made to eMite are tax deductible for the donor.

Q&A 9


What happens if a project my Mite has been designated toward ends in failure?

We would rather live in a perfect world, but we do not.  However, eMite is jealous over your Mite.  We will not use it on a failed project.  If, for any reason, a project were to fail (ie, not be accomplished due to failure within the donee organization or due to outside factors) eMite will substitute operational funds toward the failed project if necessary.  Your Mite will be protected from failing to accomplish what it was designated to do.

Q&A 10


Are Mites used to support operating costs of eMite?

eMite is jealous over your Mite.  We want you to experience the greatest impact through the giving of your Mite.  We will only use your Mite for the direct support of relief projects funded by eMite.  No administrative costs will be paid for by your Mite.

Q&A 11


What constitutes an eMite funded project?

Mite partners with outstanding humanitarian outreach organizations throughout the world.  A funded project is a relief outreach provided by one of these organizations.  The funding denoted for such a project includes the predetermined cost associated with accomplishing the relief effort and the cost of videoing the resulting impact of the outreach.

Q&A 12


How can I share eMite with others?

Well, we would be honored if you would share eMite within your family, friends and network of contacts.  The best way we have found to tell others about eMite is to talk to them.  Friends tell their friends about eMite!

We provide sharing capabilities on our website and resources that allow eMiters to share their experience on eMite with those on their social media networks.  We also allow you to share your giving excitement through email.