eMite Projects

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Our projects are an integral part of how eMite accomplishes its mission of revealing the great benefits of giving.  Join us today by giving your Mite to our active project below.

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Project 18

September 2019

For Project 18 we are headed back to the country of Indonesia for a Book Bag of Blessing distribution on South Nusa Island. A $10 gift will give a completely supplied book bag for a child.

Project 15

May 2019

Project 15- Book Bags of Blessing Hyderabad eMite has the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for 2,000 children living in Hyderabad slums through providing educational materials.


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Project 14

February 2019

Dealing with a reoccurring appendix ailment for 6 years is more than a pain. It is life threatening. So when Peristiwa’s appendix inflamed to rupture, urgent surgery was required. The generosity of eMiters helped answer this need.


Project 17

August 2019

Project 17- I See Clearly eMite has the opportunity to change the life of a child by restoring sight to their eyes. Join us today and give the gift of sight!

Project 13

January 2019

Project 13- MLK Day Outreach eMite worked with the Young Black Leadership Alliance and Samaritan’s Feet to provide shoes and socks for 316 students at Hidden Valley Elementary School.



Project 16

July 2019

Project 16- World Shoe Distribution in the Dominican Republic eMite has the opportunity to join Samaritans Feet International and fight disease & foot related maladies.

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Project 12


Project 12- Healing for the Soles Uganda eMite teamed up with Sole Hope to help thousands of people in Uganda, Africa with much needed relief from jiggers and the harmful affects they cause.  


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Project 11

August 2018

Project 11 - Hearing the Gift in Honduras took place in Guaimaca. eMite brought hearing to those who live in silence as well as medical outreach to thousands.


Project 10

April 2018

Project 10- Food & Shoes was an opportunity to feed and clothe the children of Indonesia. eMiters told children they love and care for them by a new pair of shoes and nutritious meals.


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Project 9

April 2018

Project 9 - Book Bags of Blessing Jakarta, was an opportunity to touch the lives of children in need. eMiters had the opportunity to deliver hope and joy to the children in the slums of Jakarta.


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Project 8

February 2018

eMiters joined together to show the homeless of Houston, Texas that there are people who love them enough to share what we have with them.  


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Project 7

December 2017

eMiters brought warmth and love to the homeless in Baltimore, MD by donating their Mite to this project.  Hundreds of packages including blankets, warm clothing and supplies were provided through local shelters and soup kitchens to people in need.


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Project 6

November 2017

eMiters united to give hope and a new life path to mothers and their babies in Johannesburg, South Africa. This October eMite donated packs full of supplies for both the new mom and baby for their joyful journey ahead. 


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Project 5

October 2017

Hurricane Harvey brought destruction on Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.  eMiters took the opportunity to answer the call of help and bring clean water to the evacuees of this destructive storm.  Thank you to all who participated in this refreshing project - your Mite was the water of life!


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Project 4

July 2017

eMite and our wonderful eMiters teamed up with Parsons Ministries and BMDMI to provide solar powered hearing aids to people in need in Guaimaca, Honduras. Thanks to eMiters we were able to bring the sound of love, joy, and hope to those who had not heard in their lifetime!


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Project 3

June 2017

eMiters positively impacted the future of children in Nicaragua!  Who would have thought a book bag could have life changing opportunity for children?  Through this outreach, eMiters helped provide book bags to 200 poor children who could not afford supplies for school.  With every mite a book bag was filled with blessings for children in need!


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Project 2

February 2017

This Valentine's Day eMiter's joined together to bring hope and love to families in need. Homelessness is a plight that affects people throughout the world. This Valentine's Day we showed to the homeless of Atlanta, Georgia that there are people who care and that love is not lost.

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Project 1

November 2016

eMiters gave their Mites to convert a shipping container into a classroom. This classroom will be used to affect the lives of poor children in the shantytown of Kwaggafontein, South Africa for generations! Children that have only known poverty will now have the opportunity to go to school and change their futures!