eMite Pledge

We pledge to our community of givers that every Mite donated toward a project will be used for the sole purpose of completing that project.  In this way we believe that eMite will provide the greatest benefit to both our eMite community of givers and the people who are impacted by their generosity.

What If

What happens when an eMite Project does not work out the way we desire or to the level of impact that we feel truly honors the Mite of the giver?  It is at these times that eMite covers the costs of an ill fated Project through operational funds, not supported by eMiters’ Mites, and assigns those Mites to be used on a future project.  When such action is necessary, eMite notifies those donors affected by the change.  This ensures that all donors giving through eMite realize the greatest impact from their donations.

What is a Project

When you give to an eMite project your donation supports the actual outreach involved in that project, the program costs (purchase of donated materials and collaboration costs involved with organizing the project) and the in field costs associated with completing the outreach and reporting the impact accomplished back to you.  These costs will not include the administrative fees at the home office or any normal operational costs.  eMite covers those costs through our generous givers who provide support through the Leviticus Fund. 

Leviticus Fund

eMite has established the Leviticus Fund in order to support the ongoing administrative costs incurred in the operation of the organization.  Organizing the various projects completed through the generosity of our givers, informing people of the benefits of giving and maintaining an office for the operations of eMite take both time and resources.  The Leviticus Fund is our way of supporting these costs without using the Mites given toward Projects.  We know administrative costs are not very compelling and we try to keep them to a minimum, but if you like what eMite does and want to join us in our goal to Make Giving Better, please support us through the Leviticus Fund.