About eMite

eMite is a little giving organization.  Our mission is simple - show people that it is in fact better to Give than it is to receive.  In our fast paced, get it while you can world we often forget or never have a chance to realize the wonderful benefits that Giving provides.  eMite is all about revealing those benefits and building a community of people who are making an impact on the world through their Giving.  Check out more about us below.

eMite Origins

What is the origin and purpose of eMite.  Why are we here and what makes us distinct.

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eMite Q&A

Some important questions that you may have about eMite and how we work.  If you have any that are not listed here please contact us.

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Year End Reports

Find out what eMite did last year and in years past.  We hide nothing so that you may enjoy your giving! 

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Giving Encouragement

At eMite our desire is that all should know the great benefits of Giving.  Our Giving Encouragement blog discusses topics that we hope will help Givers as they take action to make an positive impact on our world.