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Project 4 - COMPLETED!

COMPLETED! eMite teamed up with Parsons Ministries and BMDMI to provide solar powered hearing aids to people in need in Honduras. Thanks to eMiters we were able to bring the sound of love, joy, and hope to those who had not heard.

Project 5 -HHFH

harvey-2 2.jpg

COMPLETED! Hurricane Harvey has brought destruction on Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.  Now eMiters have the opportunity to answer the call of help and bring clean water to the evacuees of this destructive storm. *Source: Bustle

Project 6- Babies Joy, Mother's...

baby-child-kid-girl-161593 2.jpeg

eMiters have the opportunity to bring hope and a new life path to mothers and their babies in Johannesburg, South Africa. This October eMite will be donating packs full of supplies for both the new mom and baby for their joyful journey ahead.